Smart Sensing

The GOhydro platform integrates different sensor kits for nutrient, plant health and environment monitoring for indoor production of various microgreens (i.e. basil, coriander, parsley and mint). These sensor kits are based on off-the-shelf components, readily available and affordable for general use.

Multi-modal Sensor Kit (MMSK)

One of the main technical objectives of the GOhydro project is the development of a Multi-modal Sensor Kit (MMSK) capable of monitoring at pre-determined intervals the environmental factors affecting the hydroponic cultures of microgreens, the quality of the water feeding the plants as well as the nutrient content of the microgreens. This kit has as a main task to collect information about the cultivation conditions and the quality of the microgreens and communicate the relevant information to the e-agronomist mobile application that will notify the user about the health of the crops and provide suggestions about necessary condition arrangements.

MMSK is divided into 3 major components:


Crop Health Sensor Kit (CHSK)

responsible for monitoring the temperature, humidity, light intensity at the installation as well as the electroconductivity and pH of the water in the tank (indicating the quality of the watering).

Nutrient-content Kit (NCK)

photonics-based kit that determines the nutrient content of the microgreens through their pulps

Communications and Storage Unit

that stores and transmits the data collected by the kits to the GOhydro data-driven platform.

The Crop Health Sensor Kit (CHSK) and the Communications and Storage Unit (CSU) can be prepared by using a 3D printer and they can placed in any hydroponic installation.

The components that need be purchased for preparing the Crop Health Sensor Kit (CHSK) and the Communications and Storage Unit (CSU) are presented in the table below:

Components of the GOhydro Crop Health Sensor Kit (CHSK):



Air Temperature Sensor & Air Humidity Sensor

Adafruit HTU21D-F Temperature & Humidity Sensor Breakout Board

Light Sensor (UV)

SI1145 Digital UV Index / IR / Visible Light Sensor

Water Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor – Waterproof (LM35)

Digital pH Meter

Liquid PH Value Detection Sensor Module

Electroconductivity Sensor

Analog TDS Sensor Water Conductivity Sensor

MicroSD memory card

32GB microSD memory card


Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W (BLE, WiFi included)

Microcontroller Groove Hat

Seedstudio groove base hat

Turn off Button

Stainless steel push button-led blue

Groove cables

4-pin groove cables

Pin headers

Male and female pin headers (indicatives)

Heat shrink sleeves

Heat shrink sleeves (indicatives)


Xiaomi Redmi 18W Fast Charge 20000mAh

USBA to micro-USB adapter for powerbank to Rpi

Powertech USB 2.0 Cable USB-A male - micro USB-B male 0.25m (CAB-U009)


Heatsink for Raspberry Pi Zero

HDMI cable for testing (optional)

HDMI to mini-HDMI

Micro USB to female USB for testing with keyboard (optional)

Micro usb to female usb adapter

Power supply used for testing

Raspberry Pi Zero Power Supply 2.1A

    Components of the GOhydro Communication & Storage Unit (CSU):



    Single Board Computer (SBC) full kit

    Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (BLE, WiFi & Ethernet onboard)

    Power Source

    Raspberry Pi 4 Official power 3A (15,3W) USB-C

    Micro sd-card

    128GB micro SD-Card

    USB type A to USB type c adapter for powerbank to Rpi-4B

    Baseus cable Double Fast USB for type-C 5A black


    The guide for assembling both kits (CHSK and CSU) can be downloaded from here: