Digital Companion

The GOhydro platform has an integrated digital companion, namely an easy-to-use e-agronomist, which can assist any grower to fine-tune and optimize their hydroponic production every step along the way.

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Installation overview

In this picture is displayed a customer's installations. There is the possibility of defining a new installation, by using the button marked accordingly. For each installation, you can configure the parameters that will be displayed in this general list. The purpose of the parameters is to give the user a quick overview of all plants and their overall health, or growing conditions. By carefully monitoring parameters such as temperature, certain anomalies such as accelerated cooling can be detected early.

The user interface features different entities, modelled after physical entities, for ease of understanding and working with the platform. They are arranged in a tree structure, as follows:



is a physical location where one or more grow trays can be found. Each user can have several installations;

Grow tray

contains one generation of a given plant (at a given time). An installation may contain several trays, and a tray will contain only one species of plant, at the same point in the life cycle;

The sensor kit

is an assembly for reading and transmitting data to the transmission mode. Each transmission module can support up to 8 sensor kits. They are powered by a powerbank and have local storage, in the event that the connection to the transmission module is lost;

The data transmission module

has a processor that makes the connection between the sensor kits and the cloud platform;

Installation detailed information

To obtain more information, the user can select a specific installation, using the Show Details button. Executing this operation will display the interface which can be see in the picture above. Here we will be able to observe the different plant trays that have been defined by the user. For each of these, the temperature history for the last two weeks can be accessed. This diagram is obtained by clicking on the indicator related to the desired parameter.

This window also contain information about the progress of the plants, data about the growth recipe (environmental conditions), as well as suggestions extracted from the artificial intelligence module. The user can configure the name of the installation, give it a description (in which he can put any details he wants, such as the physical location of the installation), as well as define physical trays that are placed within the installation. Each defined tray will have access to the data from the associated sensor and estimates can be made on it.