The University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca (USAMV Cluj-Napoca) is the successor of the prestigious Higher School of Agriculture of Cluj, founded 152 years ago, in October 1869. USAMV Cluj-Napoca is one of the most prestigious Life Science Universities in Romania. More than 2,000 students specialized in agriculture, horticulture, biotechnology & animal sciences, veterinary medicine and food science (5 Faculties) graduate, each year. The university has passed the national accreditation of ARACIS with the best appreciation, was evaluated twice by EUA and was classified in the Top 12 best Romanian universities of advanced research and education (2011). Currently constituted in: two research institutes (Institute of Life Sciences and Research; Institute of Advanced Horticultural Research of Transylvania); nine research centers (plant’s crop, minimum soil tillage systems and sustainable agricultural technologies; ensuring quality of life and environmental protection, agricultural biotechnology, horticultural research of Transylvania; advanced research and extension in beekeeping; reference for advanced research in sericulture and silk promotion; medical veterinary biotechnology; comparative and experimental pathology; surveillance, diagnostic and control of zoonoses; biochemistry and biotechnology agri-food; quality and food safety). The project is part of the USAMV Cluj-Napoca mission, including excellence in research, to become competitive, an entrepreneurial university linked to the local socio-economic environment, and internationally through European research platforms. The project team is represented by the Department of Technical Sciences and Soil Sciences: agrotechnics, agrochemistry, pedology, environmental conditions and vegetation factors (light, temperature, water, air, nutrients and biological activity), plant culture and experimental technique.

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