The University of Copenhagen is the largest research and education institution in Denmark and Scandinavia with 37,576 students and 9,574 employees. The University has 6 faculties, 36 departments and more than 200 research centres with an annual budget of over €1 billion. UCPH is ranked as the 7th best University in Europe (ARWU – Shanghai, 2020). The project work for GOHYDRO will be carried out at the Department of Plant and Environmental sciences (PLEN) under the Faculty of Science. The faculty has 4000 employees, 9700 students and over 1000 PhD students. The Department carries out research activities within ecology, environment, agriculture production and their interactions with climate change and sustainable food, fodder and energy production.

Within PLEN, we are part of the Climate and Food Security Group (CFSG). At CFSG, our mission is to undertake applied research on how to mitigate climate change and improve food and nutrition security by developing innovative solutions for a sustainable transformation of our food system.

We are working on a variety of projects and methodologies, including the utilization of innovative and sustainable food production systems such as intercropping, regenerative agriculture, agroforestry and urban farming with a focus on carbon sequestration, protein crops and plant based diets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve human health. We are applying experimental studies, environmental indicators, crop models, carbon footprint analysis, greenhouse gas accounting, sustainability assessment and decision support systems to increase resource use efficiencies in the food value chain and support the transition towards a low carbon circular future.

Previous and current CFSG projects include:

  1. FoodSHIFT2030 (coordination)
  2. LANDMARK (pillar leader)
  3. SustainFARM (coordination)
  4. WaterFARMING (coordination)
  5. DIVERSify (partner)
  6. MUSHNOMICS (partner)
  7. GOhydro (partner)