Founded in 2001, HOLISUN emerged on the Romanian market as a response to the increasing demand of high quality software products. Following the globalization process and the expansion of world trade, Holisun has developed partnerships with companies all over Europe and America: The Netherlands, France, Italy, USA, Canada, Romania. Holisun partners are private companies, but also NGOs and public institutions. With all its partners Holisun have close collaborations, with excellent results on both sides.

Holisun R&D expertise encompasses Artifficial Intelligence, Data Mining and Augmented Reality. The data mining projects (related mainly to Internet of Things) focus on predictive analysis such as soil moisture, predictive maintenance and usage prediction. Although an SME, HOLISUN R&D department benefits on 7 people: PhDs, PhD students and masters of engineering.

A core expertise of HOLISUN is Machine Learning, a key concept in Artificial Intelligence, that is widely used to understand data, to turn it into information and knowledge. Projects like ModSoil and Big-Smart-Log were key to develop our Machine Learning experience and used framework, enabling us to be confident into using such concepts for optimizations of any kind. Other algorithmic approaches, like metaheuristics (including Genetic Algorithms), have the potential to optimize unknown problems. HOLISUN has extensive expertise also in this class of algorithms, through many of our colleagues that studied them in great detail, generating quality software with their use.

HOLISUN’s mission is to bring computing technology within everyone’s reach, as far and as fast as possible. In our 20 years intense activity, we have been committed since the very beginning to invest our time and energy into pushing the limits of what is possible with technology. We integrated concepts like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT, into our everyday products, complete with intuitive UI’s, so that not just our direct clients, but everyone that will use any of our products will feel it like an extension of their intuition.

This approach, along with the participations in many EU funded projects, made HOLISUN a local and regional pole for the Romanian research landscape. Other useful information can be found on our website.

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Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning / Deep Learning Combinatorial Optimizations Cloud Computing Big Data / Data Mining Augmented Reality Predictive Analysis