Project Deliverables:


WP1 - Nutrient and environmental needs for microgreens
WP2 - Multi-modal sensor kits
  • D2.2 Nutrient-content kit prototype
  • D2.3 Crop-health kit prototype
  • D2.4 Integrated multi-modal sensor
  • D2.5 Multi-modal sensor kits
WP3- Data-driven platform for vertical farming
  • D3.1 GOHYDRO data platform
  • D3.2 GOHYDRO AI models
  • D3.3 GOHYDRO mobile application
WP4 - Pilot trials in low-cost hydroponic units
  • D4.1 Trial protocols for microgreens production in hydroponic units
  • D4.2 Evaluation results from experiments in semi-controlled realistic installations
  • D4.3 Report on validation of microgreens production in operational settings
WP5 - Communication and dissemination
  • D5.1 GOHYDRO online presence
  • D5.3 Communication and dissemination report